What is a License of Occupation and why do I need to sign it?

LicenceOfOccupationThe License of Occupation is a contract between the campground owner and the camper(s) for use of a seasonal campsite. This contract outlines the terms of the contract, names the occupant and additional persons that will be using the site. In addition, it verifies the camper’s information including a permanent address and insurance policy. The charges for the seasonal occupation of the campsite are outlined, as well as any other additional charges (winter storage, boat docking, hydro etc.). As privately owned businesses, each campground sets their rules and regulations. A copy of the campground’s rules and regulations are on our website.

Click here to download our License of Occupation PDF form (500kb) you can fill in the form fields and then once completed click on (save as) and save it to My Documents then it can be printed and/or emailed to relax@campredeagle.ca

NOTE: Please do not use the Submit button within the PDF the completed PDF must be emailed to Red Eagle Campground at relax@campredeagle.ca

You can now also Submit the binding License of Occupation below.