Campground Rules


All Campers

Quiet time is 11:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. Please be considerate of others. Excessive drinking or profane language will not be tolerated. Please keep music moderately low at all times. Firearms, air guns, slingshots and FIREWORKS are not allowed in park. Sites must be kept neat & clean at all times.

Empty bottles and cases, etc. are to be out of sight. Unsightly building materials, skids, furniture, etc. shall not be stored on site. Woodpiles shall be small & neatly kept. Posts & signs are not to be painted or altered in any way.

All trailers sold while in the park are subject to a 7% commission fee regardless whether or not the sale went through management.

Garbage is to be secured in plastic bags & placed in the container provided. This container is for household Garbage only. No garbage from outside Red Eagle is permitted in Red Eagle bins. (ie. Bringing garbage from a municipality that charges for garbage disposal is not permitted.) Trees or shrubs may not be cut without management approval. Campsite must be cleaned up prior to departing.

Recreational vehicles are left on property at owner’s own risk. No person 18 years of age or under is allowed to camp in the Park without adult supervision. There is no lifeguard in the swimming area, any person 18 years of age or under entering the swimming area is the responsibility of the adult accompanying him or her in the Park. Docks are privately leased & not to be used without permission. Do not take shortcuts through campsites. Access to the beach is ‘in front or back of the store. Pets are welcome but must be kept on a leash at all times.

Owners must clean up after their pet. Pets must be kept quiet. No pets are allowed on the beach, in the swimming area or in the playground area. Boats are not permitted near the swimming area. Water skiing is not permitted near the swimming area, from the swimming raft or docks. All visitors must be registered & are the responsibility of the camper bemig called upon. Speed limit Is 8 km/h. Cycling is not permitted after dark. Management reserves the right to patrol on bicycle in the dark.

Campers are responsible for maintaining the grass on their sites. If management deems grass cutting is necessary, management will do so & charge $10.00 per cut. Fences are not allowed, except for comer sites or where cutting through sites is a problem. Management must approve all fences. Decks are permitted with a maximum height of 36 inches for railings. Homemade structures are not permitted.

One manufactured metal shed (approx. 60 sq. ft.) is permitted per site; management must approve location. All outside refrigerators must be enclosed in locked aluminum sheds. All 12-ft. wide trailers, Florida rooms, permanent awnings & screened enclosures must be purchased through the Red Eagle. Only manufactured trailer awnings are permitted. Insurance policies should cover the whole year for protection against damage to trailers during the off season. Docks on waterfront sites are to be in good, safe repair. Subletting of sites is not permitted.

Any visitors assisting campers in seasonal site set up are subject to regular camping rates. Only one tent is allowed per site. Security gate cards are available for a small refundable deposit.
Cards will be revoked if used by unregistered guests.